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Why I'm Running


I’m excited to announce that I intend to run for Vice President of the US Soccer Federation.


The next five years will define the future of soccer in our country. As we host a series of transformative international tournaments, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow the game and fundamentally transform the sport forever and for everyone, from the grassroots to our National Team programs.


To make the most of this moment, US Soccer needs a Vice President who can unite the different factions of our membership after years of division, who can ensure every community is included in the growth of the game, and who can position the United States as a leader within the global football family. We need a forward thinker who can help shape the future of soccer in America to match our ambition.


As a lifelong fan and player, I’ve dedicated myself to using the power of soccer to make the world a better place. I’ve worked and volunteered at the Federation and across our different membership councils, traveling the country in the name of soccer and listening to our members tell me about their goals and challenges. As VP, I will leverage my independence and continue to strengthen those relationships to build bridges across our councils, making sure all members are heard and included.


As a Latino immigrant and proud first-generation American, I’ve experienced firsthand the way soccer can transform lives and build community across race, class, gender, disability, and nationality. Soccer in America is increasingly diverse and global, yet our leadership does not reflect the full breadth of communities that play our sport, hindering our ability to reach them and serve them. As VP, I will use my multicultural background and multilingual skills to break down barriers and act as an ambassador for the game, both at home and abroad.


As a member of the generation that will make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States, I know that young players, fans, coaches, and referees are the future of US Soccer. I’m certain that our Federation’s best days are ahead of us, but we must be willing to innovate, modernize, and think outside the box to embrace the future of soccer together. As VP, I will bring a new perspective and fresh energy to the table, setting us up for long-term success.


I love this sport, I love US Soccer, and I believe deeply in our sport’s potential to be a force for good. It would be an immense honor to serve as Vice President, and I promise to work relentlessly to be an ally and advocate for all of our grassroots members. Over the next few months, I will continue to listen to and learn from our members on the campaign trail, and I look forward to a respectful, positive, and constructive election. I hope to earn your support.


Yours in soccer,


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